PALIC, a brief history;

Founded in 1992 PAILICCS, has been a professional audio manufacturer of cables and connector terminals. Commissioned by many well known international brands to OEM for years, through experience, trial and errors as well as much research and developments, PAILICCS has gain the industrial recognition as one of the top OEM manufacture in the business.

Using only the finest material available and technology form OEM, PAILICCS has hope to set higher standard for themselves as well as for the industries, therefore in 2005 PAILICCS has registered in Australia's Brisbane as PALIC International Limited Company. With the advantages of geographical focus and local universities relations on the mineral studies for the mines in the area, many new development and designs has made on all the Hi-End PALIC products.

Merging with PAILICCS's OEM experience on the Hi-End audio products, PALIC with their own new tooling and unique manufacture techniques has now set new standard and design to their product line, a step closer to the ideal dream and legacy of the founder.

The PALIC fundamental product design philosophy is actually very simple! We at PALIC believe in science. Therefore we use the best material available to achieve the best data tested by precision test equipments again and again to get a consistence results. As audio equipments may varies and listener may change their flavours but our product/data will remain constant hence giving you the best quality and value in all our products.


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